All Purpose

It was in 2009, when a 15 year old Justin Bieber released his first album called My World. To say that he took the world by storm will be a colossal understatement. He made teenage girls scream like Mordor orcs. He made fandoms fight like its the battle of Rohan. But with all the Lord of the Rings references aside, music was never the same. Then I think there was a point when almost everyone hated him. Everyone, including my handsome sober self thought, that he was just another popstar who will vanish after a few years.

Then come late 2015 and The Bieb is back. This time with an album so unexpectedly good, everyone was left in awe, including me. With an extensive marketing campaign and music videos, Justin Bieber's Pupose is something no one, not even Gandalf the White expected.

Lame title. Lame design. Sorry.
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Who would expect that after a slew of not so good songs, JB and his team can create something like Purpose? I've been raving about it in social media, of how close I am from being a Belieber, so did some of my classy, educated, and eloquent friends. So far, here are my top faves from the album.

What Do You Mean?
Trying to compromise but I can’t winYou wanna make a point but you keep preaching

The album's lead single. Obviously, its something about someone who is very indecisive. No, its not your Mom. More like someone you're in a relationship with. Best played when trying to decide where to eat. Not that I know anything about relationships.

So let me, oh let me redeem, oh redeem myself tonight
Cause I just need one more shot at second chances
Do I even have to explain this? Rumor has it that this is written for Bieb's ex Selena Gomez. I guess this will be an anthem for assholes, two-timers and cheaters. Not that I know anything about cheating. The only thing I constantly cheat on is my diet. Sorry.

Life Is Worth Living
Life is worth living, so live another day
The meaning of forgiveness
People make mistakes, doesn't mean you have to give in
Life is worth living again
In all honesty, this is something I never expected from someone like Justin Bieber. I can imagine him singing love songs, sex songs or party songs, but not this gem. To say that this is far from "Baby" is, again, a colossal understatement.

Love Yourself
And I've been so caught up in my job, didn't see what's going on
And now I know, I'm better sleeping on my own
This maybe the best song in the album, in my non-jaded, well-formulated opinion. This is not, in any way, influenced by the fact that Ed Sheeran co-wrote this song. Ed fucking Sheeran. Yes, that ginger-singing-god co-wrote this. End of discussion.

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