I could have given this post a better title. But I just couldn't find any word or phrase that would equal the grandeur of today's topic. Nothing in my vocabulary could suffice. Yes, I may be overstating it. Or I need to improve my vocabulary. Nevertheless, this, is certainly, leg and dairy!

YASSSSS! The godmother of all reality talent tv show is back. Aaaand it's what? Sickening! After ll the hype and teas thrown in and out of cyberspace, we are finally getting our daily dose of drama, comedy, and eyebrows on fleek! What's even more exciting is the fact that this is All Star Season 2. All our favourites from past seasons will be competing. It's a ultimate battle of charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent. I know it spells cunt, but to me, it means an awesome Thursday entertaintment!

The engine has been gas-ed and warmed up as the first episode aired last Thursday. To say that it was full of drama will be a colossal understatement. The new Lip Sync for Your Legacy twist has all the queens gagging. This is will certainly stir the pot as a lot of the contenders this season came back to have the ultimate RUdemption. The first maxi challenge was a Talent Show Extravaganza. And gurl, you have to get on this gig and gag on what the queens performed. Some were expected, and some were show-stealer boots down!

So far, my favourites are Katya, Tatianna, and Roxxxy Andrews. I have been rooting for Katya since Season 7, and I was one of those screaming with joy when the cast was announced. I have been following her since her season and her Youtube show with Tracy is downright hilarious. Tatianna, to me, is one of the fishiest queens, evah! The reddit community has nothing but good words for Miss Tati, and though I have yet to see her season, I am on the bandwagon. I mean, who wouldn't be, with that mug? I was not a fan of Roxxxy during season 5. But damn, the queen is really after redemption. With some weight lost and hate lost, she's having her 360 degrees of seperation from Season 5 Roxxxy, and I am loving it.

I am telling y'all, this season will be lit af. I would have imagined this post to be riddled with RPDR references. But I am so overwhelmed with joy and excitement, my drag vocabulary is not functioning well. I don't even know how to end this post. Seriously. Anyway, if I have readers here who are fans of the show, comment below and let's talk about it. No kai-kai included. Just pure, unadulterated RPDR fun. Oh! and yeah, may the best women, win!


The images I have, may or may not have been obtained in a way that Logo and WoW wants. So let's all be quiet about it. 

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