Troye Made Me Write

I am, to some degree, anti-pop. Most especially, with music. Even now, I still find myself listening to the songs I've loved since highschool. It's very rare that I get the hype of artists appearing here and there. 

Then, Troye Sivan happened.

As I am writing this, Youth is playing. Before writing this, I've watched the music video so many times, I found myself dancing like a high teenager with raging hormones. Well, I still am high a teen raged with hormones.

There is something in the song, plus the music video, that got me. Something deep. Hope, I think.

What if
What if we lost our minds
What if
We let them fall behind, and they're never found
I never had the chance to fully live my teenage years due to reasons I'd rather not discuss. It's only lately, that I came out of my shell. Yes, I was mischievous, but never daring. I was hard headed, but never out of control. I was unconventional, but never did I stood out. Listening to Youth made me think of the multitude of possibilities I missed trying to play it safe.  Had I been courageous enough, I think I would have been in a better disposition. Or at least, I'd have a better perspective.

Cause we've no time for getting old
Mortal bodies, timeless souls
Cross your fingers, here we go
Probably, the most that I regret, was not being brave enough to pursue love. Call me shallow, call me corny, but even now, my frustration is still finding the right person. No, let's drop 'right', just finding a person is enough to get me more depressed than the Great Depression. I long for something I never had. Therefore, I don't really know what I am after. The song makes me imagine the sweetest of moments I could have had, or will have. To a certain extent that I am almost sure it's something I can conjure. It's taking me to a place, or a room I've never been but feels so familiar. Why Troye? Why?

My youth
My youth is yours
Trippin' on skies, sippin' waterfalls
My youth
My youth is yours
Run away now and forevermore
My youth
My youth is yours
The truth so loud you can't ignore
My youth, my youth, my youth
My youth is yours
Ultimately, the song to me, spells hope. Hope, that one day, I will have that someone in front of me who, I will be offering my youth to. Or whatever is left of it. Hope, that one day, I'll be able to just lay in bed, with arms wrapped around me. That loneliness will be so foreign. That love is not really elusive. That I can be loved for the most absurd of things. That I will be accepted, flaws and all.

Of course there;s Troye dancing with so much swag. How he stares at you with intensity enough to shake my medulla oblongata. How he looks almost elf-ish. How his youth resonates. Yeah, I think I'm a fan. And please, don't get me started with the Blue Neighborhood Trilogy. I'd write a fucking book. 


I don't own any of the GIFs. I wouldn't mind taking it down. But before you ask me to do so, think of this smile. This adorable smile can save lives. 

Think, you rights owner!

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