5 Of My Fave Amy Winehouse Songs

It was in July 23,2011, when the world mourned for the loss of Amy Winehouse. I was like 'Why?'.

I didn't know who the woman was. Frankly, I didn't care. I was busy listening to more well known artists to even give a single second of my precious time to know her. Besides, she's dead. Then out of curiosity, I downloaded her album.

And I mourned.

From then on, Amy has been and still is, one of my go-to artists to accompany me during my drunken nights. God (and the neighbors) knows how many times I've sung her songs with conviction. I've watched numerous documentaries detailing her life. I remembered crying while watching one of her last videos performing while drunk. How she was crying while trying to sing, and the audience showered her with their insensitive boos. 

And because you're a fan of me, I'm pretty sure you would want to know my favourite Amy songs. And because I'm a giver, to such extent that I am almost left  with nothing, I will oblige. All for you, my fans.

Originally by The Shirelles, the track was included in Amy's posthumous album, The Lionness. I am yet to hear the original, but Amy's version is perfection. It perfectly captured that inquisitive nature of the song. Haven't we all, at some point, had this question? That fear of the unknown. That feeling of being unsure of what will happen the next day. That question you want to ask, but the answer scares you to the bone. Ugh.

Originally written in 1963, Amy's version was included in her 2003 debut album, Frank. Its a short track, at only around 2 minutes. But oh boy! There is no greater love indeed! Listen to the live version and tell me if that is not jazz at its finest. 

One of the songs that put Amy on the map. Originally written by Amy and Mark Ronson, the song talks about being left behind. Something everyone, excluding me, can relate to. The song speaks of pain, anger, and moving on. I mean, if your partner left you to go back to his ex, I'm pretty sure you'll be just as mad.

With just a guitar and Amy's voice, this song is sure to make you think of that special someone. Someone you can't have, that is. Yes, its painful, unrequited love painful. And in just a span of around two minutes, you'll cry your heart out.

Boots down, my favourite Amy Winehouse track. Listen to the original demo version, where Amy sings with just a guitar, its a feels trip all through out. I made countless covers of this song. Its that song you hear, sung by a lonely hotel lobby singer, holding a cigarette, looking at the empty chairs and tables, and you're just there, listening to the singer's story. The entire song is an entire movie plot. Its an entire love story told. Its a tragedy.

Imagine if Amy is still alive. How many more songs could she have written? How many tears could I have I cried listening to her tracks alone at night with a bottle of whatever. Its sad that she died early. Such genius deserves to be heard for more than a lifetime. Love does that to people I think. Or alcohol. Whatever. The point is, Amy is wonderful artist. And I'm willing trade her with some living 'singers' we have today.

To Amy, know that you will always have a fan in me. Or an air-con. Whichever you prefer. 
Happy Birthday love.


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