The Chocolate Chamber

I believe it was Plato who once famously said that "desserts is stressed spelled backwards". I may be wrong, but whoever uttered the famous quote, sure is good at reading words backwards (not sure about my 's' here). I don't know how to transition to my main point after that senseless introduction, so I will just say it bluntly. This is about food, specifically, desserts. To further narrow it down, chocolates. And for better classification, chocolate cake. 

A bit blurry, sorry. To think that I was sober. 

After dinner, my friend and I decided to get some dessert. It was a hearty, albeit unhealthy dinner. So to clean our palate, we decided to visit some dessert place. No, it was not an excuse to eat more, stop being so judgmental you people. Luckily, we were near the dessert place I have been meaning to try ever since. Ladies and gentlemen, and the sexes in between, The Chocolate Chamber.

From the name itself, this unassuming restaurant serves the best chocolate dishes/desserts in town. Found somewhere in Mabolo (I'm bad at directions), it's easy to dismiss the shop as the facade does not really boast much. Humble is the word. But don't let the simplicity fool you (like your last ex did), as the moment you step in, you'd want to step out immediately. Kidding! Once you step in, you will then understand why beauty is skin deep. 

The place is small, yet cozy. Understandable since people will surely come to eat, not do floor exercises. There's about 6 or 7 table setting, each with a vase filled with real roses. Yes, real life roses, not the one Jolina Magdingal was singing about. This one's for real (not like your ex). The counter will welcome you immediately with sights of chocolate everything. There were tin cans everywhere, which I assumed, because I have a lot of assumptions in my life, is filled with merchandise they sell. My friend and I were seated just beside the door. In jiffy, we were given the menu. 

Crematorium? No you judgemental person. Those tin cans are filled with God's love.
Come through you IPA certified list of food
#TBT Realness
Even before the menu menyoo was handed, I already had a feeling that this is not your run-of-the-mill dessert shop. I was right, finally. It might seem scary how the numbers are arranged (and that's just the Beverage section), like if I wanted to have a cup of hot chocolate, three sachets of Milo will do the trick, and that's just P 21.00 (depending on your local sari-sari store). But believe me when I say that it will be worth it. If you had the guts to be in a relationship with your ex, this risk will fail in comparison. So after a careful deliberation and funds allocation, I ordered their Tablea Cake and my friend went with their best seller, TCC Moist Cake. 

Two words: Tablea Cake
You know that moment when you realise that you actually made a good decision. That moment when you felt something between excitement and fear. That moment when you were almost sure everything went slo-mo, time almost stood still, the lights started to dim and fade, and there was no sound, almost vacuum like. That was how I felt when the waitress put down the plate in front of me.
Three words: TCC Moist Cake.
So lifted the fork and admired the cake's perfect frosting. What have I done to deserve such power to destroy this perfect frosting? I whispered, almost out of breath. With just a single stroke of my hand, the four thin edges of the fork caressed the thick layer of pure chocolate frosting. I felt myself resisting, but the urge and hunger made me exert more effort than necessary. Without me knowing, the fork went through the cake, unto the porcelain plate. It produced a faint sound, like cheers from those who came before me, but failed to conquer the heavens plight. Or, was it the cries of those baby cocoa beans sacrificed to conjure this immaculate being? Only those watching from above know. I lifted the fork, with a good chunk of heaven pierced between four pieces of metal. How can something remain so beautiful even when broken? Such is the magic of baking. Without hesitation, I devoured the piece of heaven. My lips felt the cold metal fork, my tongue felt the softness of the chiffon. My mouth enveloped in a whirlwind of bittersweet taste of this magical concoction. Now, I know what heaven will taste like. So I devoured the cake like a hungry Somalian pirate. 

Not this time Jolina, these are real.
To say that it was the best cake ever will be a colossal understatement. I cannot further stress how satisfied I was even with just the first bite. Looking across the table, I can tell that my friend enjoyed it too, judging from how her pupil stayed on the upper part of her eyeballs like an exorcised being. Yeah sure, it's pricey, but someone's gotta pay for those roses. Our pockets were crying, but our mouths and stomachs are celebrating. The cake, plus the random conversations we had made all the stress evaporate. One should never underestimate the power of good food. The make it even better, we were given complimentary truffles, a piece each. And I say this without any hint of hyperbole: the best round shape thing I ate. Superb!

This has been a lengthy post for just a simple dessert shop. But the experience we had could never be put into words. They really know how to make good chocolate. So if ever you're in Mabolo, please do visit The Chocolate Chamber. I dare you not to be satisfied.

The Chocolate Chamber
Pres.Quirino Street, Mabolo, Cebu City
Store Hours: Mondays to Saturdays 9AM - 10PM
                      Sundays 1PM - 8PM

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