Burrows: Where to Bury Your Body Goals

Cute, smart, hot. Just some of the words people use to describe me. What they don't know is that I am also a full blooded chick boy: I love chicken and baboy. And this post is about chicken.

It was one gloomy day. Work has been stressful as usual. I am broke, and broken inside. My mind is filled with nasty thoughts. No, I am not making excuses to defend another buffet adventure. I was seriously sad. Because I was not expecting another living organism to comfort me since I am single, I turn to food to cheer me up. Yeah, a partner would have been better; a bit of pda's and some momol. Until then, only unlimited chicken wings can make me orgasm.

Burrow Lounge offers nothing but unlimited chicken for P199. If that alone is not orgasmic, then you must have a well trained partner. Add another P40 and you have yourself a bottomless iced tea to help you swallow, the chicken of course. I don't know what to put after that. I'm not really in the blogging mood tonight, so I can't be as witty (granted that I am), but I'm bored. So instead of doing something remotely alcoholic, I'd rather write. Kidding, I'm just chilling my wine. 

The place was just renovated, now with enough space to accommodate your partner who desperately needs it. The interior has nothing to boast. I don't think people care. The place is good for groups. So if you're alone, try something like a coffee shop or a fast food chain. They don't want your single ass. I'm kidding of course. It can get a bit loud though but I don't think people care as long they keep serving 'em chicken.

The chicken comes is 5 different flavours. You can choose between Garlic Parmesan, Asian Barbecue, Teriyaki, Hot and Spicy, and of course original. 

The Garlic Parmesan is to die for. And I am not talking about the fat and cholesterol. Its creamy, cheesy, and garlicky. Asian Barbecue is sweet with a bit of spicy kick. I am yet to figure out though why it's Asian Barbecue. My theory is either the chicken is good in Math, or  a kick ass Karate fighter (?). Either way, I like it. The Teriyaki is confusing and uninteresting so I don't intend to talk about it further. Hot and Spicy is, well hot and fucking spicy. Not recommended for those with hemorrhoids.  Original is just a plain fried chicken.

So if you're a chick boy like. Or if you wish to be a full blooded chick boy like me. Or if you just want to be like me because you are obsessed, visit The Burrow Lounge. Yeah, I guess that's it. I'm not in the writing mood. Ugh.

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  1. The Asian BBQ doesn't look cooked in a portable grill. Fried. My Theory is, since Asian looks tan considering the color, and BBQ makes it dark when cooked on a rack over an open fire, so they fried the chicken instead and just added BBQ flavor, which makes it Asian. Hehehe. Just a theory.