Happy Birthday!

There's this woman who have been forcing herself to be on this blog. I know right, the nerve! But since I have nothing to write about, and apparently today is her birthday, I can probably spare some bandwidth and vocabulary to write her a birthday post.

Happy siya oh!

I got to know her first during a team outing. This was during my first few months in my current work, and I am still on the process of getting to know my workmates. So during  a lovely conversation over some drinks, this woman started crying. Not the tears falling down her cheeks type of crying though, she was bawling her eyes out. After learning the whole story behind her apparent breakdown, I understood.

Makinis siya oh!
Life can throw the hardest of punch and its up to us to get back up and keep on fighting. And boy, she did fight back, hard. I am always amazed with how strong women are. She is just another manifestation of how one should not belittle the power of a good heart. I don't think I have to explain everything, as her life is a book I am not worthy to write. There was never a day, during at her most vulnerable, that I don't ask myself how does she do it?

Pretty siya oh!
Happy Birthday Ces! Thank you for the friendship. Thank you for understanding me and my tantrums. Thank you for listening to my problems, and my smart jokes. I know it has been stressful lately and its fine. You have your Aping and I have no one. You deserve the love and happiness you have now. I deserve it too, but I guess God loves you more. Keep on smiling. I love you and Aping! Happy Birthday!

Ces, with a local celebrity.

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  1. Happy Birthday Coach! You are not alone PA. :)