Just My Two Scents

Science says that a simple scent can trigger emotions; that a smell of something is enough cause a quick trip down memory lane. And because I love to hurt myself cause I am not hurt enough, I ordered some incense to remind me of the things I'd rather forget. Also, I painted my room just recently and it still smells like it. Don't get me wrong, I love the smell of paint (along with gasoline and burnt rubber), but it's not the smell that you would want to meet you after a long day of working.

I was thinking of buying the incense from Oryspa, after reading Chanel's blog about home remedies for migraine. But I am too lazy to leave my room so I turned to Lazada, my good friend. I got excited to I ordered four scents. They arrived this week in batches, which is a good thing as I was able to try them individually. So without further non-sense, here are some incense you might want to try.


Still practicing my flat laying skills.
I am disappointed with this scent. When I think of eucalyptus, I think of a fresh aromatic menthol scent. Sorta like a dissolved Vicks VaporRub.  This is the last package to arrive from Lazada, which made the excitement even greater. I immediately tried it after getting home from work. I was imaging how relaxing it will be once I lit the stick and lie down on my bed. To say that was disappointed will be a colossal understatement. 

Sandal Rose Musk

That's a headdress from Sinulog.
A combination of Sandalwood, Rose, and Musk (duh). It has this earthy nature-esque smell. Sandalwood is good for spirituality, healing and protection; perfect for those who is currently moving on. Rose is the scent of love; perfect for those who is looking for one. While Musk is a movie starring Jim Carey signifies prosperity, courage, and vitality; which is good for something but I have no idea what.


Fake flowers for a fake jasmine.
I am sucker (literally and figuratively) for Jasmine, may it be tea or Disney. And I recently found out that Jasmine is the English name of our national flower, the sampaguita. As someone who grew up with Sto.Nino's in the house adorned with sampaguita flowers, I know how fragrant the flower is. Without thinking twice, I included the scent in my order. Just after a few minutes, I almost thought I am in a comfort room.

Moon Dream

I ruined my housemate's flower crown. The lengths I go for 'art'
My favourite out of all my incense. It's perfect to end that stressful day. It's made from Jasmine from the Himalayas, which I don't know if makes any difference. Regardless, I love the scent and I have been using it the most.

So there. If you feel like your room smells like the past, why not amplify it? Seriously though, if you want to relax after a long day of your supposed job, then buy yourself heaps of incense. Then we can talk about it at Incense Anonymous. A group I made to help us deal with our memories of the past. Enough with the past. Bye. 


  1. Hahahahah! I really love how honest (and humorous) your reviews are! I'm curious with the Eucalyptus though because I'm also thinking of the same thing - it should give off some menthol scent. Why? What's the scent really like?

    1. Thanks Aya :) I really cant describe the scent, only that its not the eucalyptus I know. HAHA