Out of Boredom: Online Classes

In my constant pursuit to expanding my knowledge, I decided to take an online class. A good friend of mine posted a link of online courses you can take from Ivy League schools. Being a man who values intellect, I perused the said website. Alas! Princeton University is offering a course about two subjects I have been interested in for a long time: Buddhism and Psychology. So without hesitation, I took the class and started my new journey towards intellectual enlightenment.

I'm kidding of course. I was bored, and this Facebook friend shared the link for online courses. But I am interested in Buddhism and Psychology. And I did enroll myself to the said course. Anyway, I'm done with all the lessons for week one of the six-week course. To say that I learned a lot will be a colossal understatement. As I mentioned earlier, I have been keen on learning and practising Buddhism for a very long time. Actually, it was one of the reasons why I chose Cebu as my soul searching destination. Psychology on the other hand, is something I've been thinking of studying if, and only if, I can muster enough courage, strength, time, and money to go back to college. 

Our professor for the course is best-selling author and journalist, Robert Wright. I did a quick search about him to make sure that he has enough credentials to teach such course. I found out that one of his books (Evolution of God) was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. He also taught at University of Pennsylvania and Princeton. Despite his numerous accolades, backed my an impressive teaching experience, I still found myself skeptic as to whether he can teach the course. But after the first lesson, I was convinced that he is not only capable, but I will also learn a lot. 

The first week lesson tackled the first two Noble Truths of Buddhism and how Psychology lends support to these ideas. I found myself smiling as we progress through the discussion. Not because of anything funny, but because I can relate to it.

If you're like me who is always thirsty for knowledge (or bored), then I highly suggest you check this out. There are tons of courses you can take; from Engineering to Medicine. Also, because this is done online, you are can take the course on your own phase. So you don't have to worry about procrastinating and cramming that you used to do in college. Also, no annoying classmates. Heaven.

If any of you is interested in taking online courses too, here is the link.

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