Sugbu Mercado: Infoodelity

Homer's great epic, The Odyssey, is always a good literature to use as a reference, an allusion, and comparison. To show how far my literary knowledge can go, I will use one character from the story; Penelope. In the poem, while Odysseus was away, Penelope showed great fidelity. Despite the growing number of her suitors, she exerted all efforts possible to wait for her husband. If I remember correctly, there were 106 suitors, vying for her hand in marriage. Imagine 106 suitors; now imagine if those 106 suitors were actually delicious dishes you can eat. Do you think Penelope will still wait? I won't.

Which brings us to our main topic today (I'm not gonna bore you with HS lit): Sugbu Mercado. This food market/bazaar opened its doors last September 2015. Three branches after, Cebuano's food trips were never the same. Not only did the team behind Sugbu Mercado revolutionised our nightly food cravings, it also helped budding food entrepreneurs take centre stage.

After posting a plea for help on Facebook, two friends were forced agreed to meet me in Sugbu Mercado. I would have chosen IT Park, but because of the parking fee, we opted for their branch in Ayala Business Park.

Thank God my previous experience in Vikings Cebu trained me on how to be calm in front of numerous food choices. I know it's nothing compared to Penelope's 106 suitors, but I doubt Penelope's suitors smell half as good as the food here. 

Sisig, my go to dish. I ordered the one in the middle. No, not all of what is in the picture. 
This is tuna. Is that how they are supposed to look when not canned?
Your eyes, nose, and mouth will be assaulted by various aromas courtesy of the multitude of meats, spices, herbs, and whatnot. If you get too excited and you underestimated that chunk of meat, don't worry; they serve some of the best and most refreshing drinks too!

John Lemon. Punny.
The place is clean. I think it's spacious enough, although it takes time to look for a seat. Despite the various stages and types of cooking happening, the place is still airy. It's perfect for a barkada night outs, or family dinner eat outs. If you're done feasting with your mouth, then you can begin feasting with your eyes. If you know what I mean *wink*

Its not Cebu of there's no Lechon. #JusticeForLetty
So if ever you feel hungry and you're sick and tired of the usual fast food like me, go ahead and check out Sugbu Mercado. They are located in IT Park Lahug, Ayala Business Park, and South Road Properties. Please bring a Penelope with you and let us see how she handles this type gastronomic suitor. 

They have live bands too. But you can't eat them. 

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  1. I've never visited Sugbu Mercado Ayala. Are the food options the same?