Something Random For the Fandom

Hi! Let us hope I can finish this blog and have it posted because I have more drafts than potential love life.

It's been a long time since I last posted here. Nothing new really, this blog is as consistent as my attendance way back in college: sometimes you see me, sometimes you don't. I still think I deserve a self-pat on the back (no one will do it for me so) for trying for weeks and months to come up with a content worthy of your time and internet speed.

Some of you might ask "What happened? Are you okay?". Yes fam, I am mighty fine. I'm hanging by a very thin line but that's nothing new. I have come to accept the fact that I may (or will) never be okay. Majority of you will not react because you don't read my blog and you couldn't care less about my well being because we are just strangers on the Internet. And that is also fine because I am used to people not caring. But let's not go there, and let's not address those people. This post is specifically written for my fandom!

I swear I didn't force this blogspot. I was so inspired to write.
Yes! My very loyal Eugenists (clever name, potterheads are shookt!), this is for you. Just a quick update about my life and what happened during my 2-month absence. I know how interested and eager you are to know what I was busy with. Even if I don't know all of you and even if we don't really talk much, I can feel how much you care about me. So thank you, guys! All 3 of you. A sincere and heartfelt thank you!

So to satiate my fans who love me and follow me with such ardour and fervour enthusiasm, here are some random updates about me. Please read and drown in my ethereal boredom.
It Was Lit

Pennywise doesn't know the word chill. Seriously. That fucking clown is hyperactive and creepy. 

I enjoyed the movie so much, I am seriously thinking of watching it again. I am yet to see the miniseries or read the novel, but what I have seen so far was enough to convince to do so. I enjoyed how Pennywise was portrayed, I can only imagine how scary it must be if Pennywise truly exists.  Even The Losers (the protagonists in the movie) were acted well. I especially liked Finn Wolfhard who portrayed Richie Tozier. Not because of his acting or character, but because he's cute (pedo alert).

If you haven't already, watch the movie and not Anabelle. That movie can't even scare my problems away.

The Space Between People's Taste

I don't know why, but I really like The Space Between Us. It's a sci-fi love story starring the ever adorable Asa Butterfield (I'd let him butter my field A.N.Y.T.I.M.E) and some actress. In fact, I like so much that I started recommending it only to be disheartened because they don't like. Which is kinda expected since the movie got bad reviews and bombed the box office. 

Please watch the movie and tell me you love it. If you don't (or if you really do but you easily give in to societal norms so you say you didn't), let's admit that the soundtrack is awesome. 

Gamer Girl

I purchased a Nintendo 3DS a few months back. I did so because of Pokemon Moon and Sun. If you don't know yet, I am a huge (literally and figuratively) fan of Pokemon. I've played all generations; from Red and just recently, Moon. I also finished Bravely Second which is the sequel to Bravely Default. I thoroughly enjoyed both games. Sometimes I get so inspired that I feel like I can also run a gaming blog. But after careful deliberation with my other personalities, we all agreed that it's a lost cause. I mean, I/we can't even run this blog properly.

I am now looking forward to Ultra Sun and Moon and scouring the internet for more games. If you have any  suggestions, just drop a comment or two (I sound like I have so much time for games, I don't)

Sam F. Smith is Back

It has been 3 years since Sam F. Smith (F is for fucking because why not) released his debut album. In The Lonely Hour became the album of my life as it came out during the most tumultuous moment of my life (yet). I mean,  Not In That Way, can sum up my love story and Leave Your Lover is the national anthem of the 'abangers' where I am a member of.

Just this month, Sam F. Smith released Too Good At Goodbyes. I must admit, I didn't care for it when I first heard the song; It didn't have the same impact as Stay With Me. But the song grows on you, among other things, and now I like it. I love it. I sing it. I fail but I try anyway. 

And that's it. I know you might be thinking 'That's it? That's what you did for two fucking months'. Calm down Beyonce. As much as I love you guys, I have to keep somethings private. I know I'm a very public figure (a very huge public figure that is) and my actions are supposed to be under public scrutiny, but I am also a rebel and non-conformist. So yeah. Bye Felicia!


  1. Hi! I really don't have something to add to your post. But I just want you to know that someone out here is still reading your blog :)

  2. Aya! As always, thank you for visiting and reading :) Glad to know na naa pa koy reader haha.

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