#5s: Favorite Shots

No, this has nothing to do with anything alcoholic.

Halfway through collage, I begged my mother for a professional camera. Partly, because I genuinely need it (buhay Mass Comm), and the other part is just me being a straight up brat; I want things, and I have to get it. It just so happened that during those hard times of barely passing a subject and barely meeting those damned deadlines, a camera is what I want.

My mother is not an easy person to convince. While I am armed with a powerpoint presentation and a 20 page dissertation on why I should have a DSLR, it was also my birth month. It was a long process, a battle, even.  Long story short, two weeks after my birthday, I got a Nikon D5100 fresh from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

From then on, I was a photography god! People will approach me to have their photoshoots. My friends will borrow my camera to do their video thesis. I go to mall wearing my camera even though I'm not taking any photos. My memory card is full of either bokeh or macro shots. Everyday, I upload photos of either a flower or the sky. I felt like this is the field I am born to pursue. I even joined a Google photography contest because why not? I have a DLSR, I hold it appropriately (by the lens), and I am well versed with some techniques (bokeh, macro, silhouette). I am untouchable. I also failed to win.

Sadly, someone stole my beloved camera (who I fondly call 'Pepe') and my dream of being a photographer left with it. So to further hurt my feelings, I dig under (lain sad mu-dig above sa?) my hard drive and looked for some shots I did using my Pepe. Aside from being an amazing photographer, I also happen to be generous, so I am sharing with you today  five of my most favourite shots. Enjoy!

That classic sunset silhouette, taken at the back of my aunt's house. I happen to think that sunsets, along with flowers, are always the first subject of a person with a brand new camera. Its the millennial equivalent is a selfie. Even today, I am still fond of taking photographs of sunsets in various variety ( he he he).

I like silhouettes. To me, it's a reminder to not always focus on what's in front of you. The picture shows the outline of a branch, but the beauty of this picture lies on what's behind it. It may be blurred, nevertheless, beautiful. Same can be applied to our everyday lives; there's beauty in the the background.

Trees are also a common subject of a budding photographer. Who could resist the lush greens and that strong brown wood? It becomes even more breathtaking if the tree is flowering! Oh what a treat for a would-be-photographer.

This shot was taken in Bantayan a few summers before. It was a lone tree along the road which somehow made me feel sad. As much as I am accustomed to isolation and solitude, it's not a feeling I welcome warmly. But just like this tree here, we have to learn how to cope up with solitude and refuse to be burdened with it. Be like this tree: alone, but still standing strong.

This shot was taken in Tagaytay City, in one of their more famous parks. I remember this vividly as I was having a good time with my college friends. I remember planking was still a thing back then, and we did it in a field of grass surrounded by other visitors. Those we're good times. Good, happy times.

Don't you find kites ironic? They can fly high, but remain grounded. They can only fly as high as the strings attached to them. I think I relate to this shot and subject because of my love for permanence. These kites prove that you can still soar, fly high, see the beauty around you, even if you just do it from where you stand. 

I remember how I took this shot. I learned by back on this tree and looked up. I was mesmerized by how the its branch network (?) was able to create such obscure, albeit beautiful, pattern. It also reminded of how my thought process works. So I took this shot.

We were always taught that leaves are an essential part of a plant. Leaves are necessary for photosynthesis to produce energy from light. Leaves also absorb carbon dioxide and produces oxygen. So I was puzzled and amazed how this tree is still standing despite the lack of leaves. I think this further justifies the importance of perseverance.

There's not enough words to express how much I love this random shot. I was walking along a deserted road when I noticed this barbed wire fence with a plant sort of hugging it. I found it inspiring how something as imposing as a barbed wire is hugged by a fragile plant.

There moments when wee feel like we are the most unlovable person alive. So much so that we tend to keep everyone out to prevent ourselves from being too attached. Looking at this picture reminds me of how love is, and will always be unconditional. It doesn't really if you have built an imposing facade, or a strong personality. Love can, and will always find a way to hug you back.

Aaaand that's about it guys. I hope you enjoyed my favorite shots as much as I did. These are not the most amazing and breathtaking photos. I know; it's very basic even. But the stories behind them and the realizations I had will always make these the best photos of all time.



  1. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  2. I love the 2 pictures of the trees:
    1. the blue blue sky
    2. the branches that resembled circuits or the MRI'ed image of a brain in some pictures


  3. I like the sunset and branches. Awesome work gigene.. :3