My Nym Is An Acroname

Yes, guys! You read it right! I just realize the most profound realization in all of my recent realization thus far!

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You know what they say about names right? Its a reflection of the person. I made that up but its something to that effect. All I know is that they said something deep and meaningful that correlates people and their names. Anyway, back to me. So names, yeah. 

I have always thought my name is very common. Although I am somehow proud that in the two instances that I applied for an NBI clearance, there was no hit (Eugenes are kind people so it seems), I still think there is nothing special about my name. Well like always, it turns out I am wrong! Ain't that grand? I just realize that my name is actually an acronym of a deeper meaning. I was working earlier when I realized this. I know you all three readers are excited to know what the acronym is. So without further delays and segues because I hate running around the bush. Like if you have to say something to me, better say it straight or not all. I don't like running and beating around the bush because the bush did nothing wrong to you or to me so I don't see the point of beating and running. So here is my name's acronym:

E- veryday
G-igantic and
N-egativity on

(Ugh! My mind!)

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Your name really says a lot about a person. Just look at that acronym then look at me; you would already know that I am someone basking in the glorious rays of pessimism and negativity! 

If you're asking if I am having a breakdown this hot afternoon? The answer is yes! You want to know what triggered this? Well, you're in for another treat honey! Grab whatever alcoholic beverage you can find near you, grab a bag of chips, or a bag of bread, and read ahead.

So I was working and trying to be productive (gotta earn that wage). In the middle of working between an Excel file and a bunch of unread emails, a question suddenly popped in my head:

What if this is it for you? WHAT IF THIS IS IT FOR YOU?

Have you asked this yourself? What if this is it for you. What if there is nowhere else to go but where you are currently? I don't how many of you have played an RPG where your choices in the same will impact how it ends. But what if my choices in the past lead me to this and caused me to be like this. I mean I know it did make an impact, that is not the problem.

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I remember when I was about to finally graduate from college; I was imaging the path I am going to take for sure. Then Momo land comes in Bam!-ed the shit out of my path. Just as I thought I was getting back better Jessie, Ariana, and Nikki Bang Bang-ed the shit out of my life. And now here I am: fat, poor, ugly and alone.

So yeah, what if this is it for me? On to next episode of my breakdown :) 

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