#5s: Wonderful Quaran-tunes To Quaran-cry To

How are we doing, quarantined people! I'm not doing so well with the absence of alcohol in my veins but that's privileged me talking. I know some people are struggling to find food to feed their family so my problem is not a problem at all. But ya know, its hard; sis needs her daily alcohol intake.

But enough of my alcohol rambling ( I just cant over the fact that I am not drinking rn). I was in the mood to write something to forget things (LIKE NOT HAVING SOMETHING TO DRINK) be productive instead.
This could have been me rn
I know everyone (at least those who are FOLLOWING the quarantine protocol) is stuck at home trying their best to be good citizens. I also know how boring it can be to be stuck at home having nothing to drink very limited things to do. If you're with family, I envy you. Make sure to take advantage of this situation and bond. If you're with your significant other, well fuck you good job. I hope you don't come out of this pandemic single. But if you're like me; single, fat, ugly and undeniably alone (without something to drink), then let's drown our repressed feelings with these quaran-tunes I carefully curated because I'd like to believe I have average taste in music.

These songs are currently on repeat on an unhealthy level honestly. Also amazing how its making me sad sans the alcohol (sorry guys, I will never stop). So, like always, I will spread the sadness because I think that is one of my many talents. Sit back, relax, grab a drink (like coffee or water), and listen to these wonderfully curated quaran-tunes to quaran-cry to!

Minus the drink

If the world was ending, you'd come over, right?
The sky'd be falling and I'd hold you tight
And there wouldn't be a reason why
We would even have to say goodbye 
If the world was ending, you'd come over, right? Right?
I mean need I say more? Specially dedicated to lovers who will brave the quarantine just so they can spend time together. THAT IS HOW THE VIRUS SPREAD YOU NINCOMPOOPS! But even I have to admit that this is a good song. The song is actually sad because they are no longer together when the end of the world happened. Maybe the end of the world happened because some people are just hard-headed. 

Put a price on emotion
I'm looking for something to buy
You've got my devotion
But man, I can hate you sometimes
I don't want to fight you
And I don't want to sleep in the dirt
Harry, Harry, Harry. I don't know man. Sometimes I feel like you're queer-bating but sometimes you also get me to master-bating. Sorry, the last sentence is not true and I just wrote it for entertainment purposes. Going back, this is for people who do not understand social distancing, you really have to draw a FINE LINE (get it?) just so they'd take the hint. The video I have on the link is for the song but the video is from Call Me By Your Name. And if that is not sad enough, then I don't know. Maybe you need the alcohol more than me (but if you have some we can share. I don't mind)


Well now that you've got your gun
It's much harder now the police have come
And I'll shoot him if it's what you ask
But if you'd just take off your mask
You'd find out everything's gone wrong
Specially dedicated to some government officials (of course you're included. I love you). Like I don't know where they get the nerve and the audacity to be their corrupt selves in this pandemic. Back to the song, it nice, really nice. I wasn't really a fan of The 1975, I only know one song that a friend recommended (not this) and that's it. This song just popped up in my Youtube (they know me well) recommendation and I haven't stopped listening since. The song was inspired by Bonny and Clyde like love story which is both romantic and tragic. 

Everything we need is in the quiet
So let's hide out deep inside it
And even if tomorrow doesn't hold on
At least, at least, at least we have this one song, one song
Yes, this is what everyone needs to do, STAY RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE (well I hope your safe at home, or at work but hopefully not outside). This song is from a movie most of my friends didn't like but I did. The soundtack is actually good (for me at least) and some songs are already on my playlist, on repeat. I think I resonate with this song so much because of my love for permanence. I mean, who wouldn't want to be stuck with their loved ones right? Especially now. Ugh.

You wanna get to know me
You memorized the lines of my thighs
I knew before you told me you'd get it right
And you took the dark for granted
And you love me like you promised your wife
It's almost like you planned it in the daylight

THIS IS WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF WE KEEP ON KEEPING ON WITH THIS RULE BREAKING CITIZENS OF THE WORLD! But seriously though, the world is sleeping on BANKS! Contaminated is just one of the many tracks of hers that I love. I can listen to her Goddess album without skipping a song. The song is such a gem lyrically too. It talks about how their love is wrong (therefore contaminated) because she's actually a mistress. 

Aaaand that's it guys! Hopefully you'd enjoy these songs as much as I did. I'd enjoy it even more with drinks in my hand but liquor ban done fuck us up. But again, I am still fortunate that so far, that;s my only dilemma. 

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to stay in doors. If you really have to go out (hopefully just to buy necessities) make sure to gear up. The quarantine just got extended because some people are just thick in the head. Although I don't blame them all. Id like to believe that if given the right support, these people will also choose to be safe.

That's all for now guys! Stay safe :)


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