Something Random for the Fandom II

What's up you cutie-patootie you!?

I have nothing to write about since I don't exactly live a very exciting life. Like,  all weekends of February and the first weekend of March, I was out of town beaching but I took almost zero photos. I'm tired like that.  Which should have been very obvious by now if you have been following me for a while. And if you have been following me for a  while now, why? Like get a life you stalker!

Random picture because scholarly.
Kidding aside, here is another set of random musings that compiled just now because I thought of writing something. This is totally researched and planned and I am not just thinking and writing as I go. Like always, I put a lot of thought and sense into everything I write; I mean it shows, right? Right? Let's get started.

Just Another Jolly for your Belly

 I meant to write about it separately but I kept on procrastinating until I no longer feel like writing about it. It's just the food and the place was really good and I felt so strongly about this place when I first visited that I felt I can write something. Too bad, my feelings were digested together with their delicious food.

Very Instagram-able

Anyway, Jolly Bubble is a Taiwanese-inspired milk tea thingymajig that opened last November. They sell, well, milk tea and Taiwanese fried chicken called G-Pan. They also sell classic Pinoy dishes like Tocino and Longganisa, and also Mango Curry which I am yet to try.

Taiwanese G-Pan
Jolly Bubble is located in SSY Building, Lahug. Be sure to visit!

A Vegan Decision

 Just beside Jolly Bubble is Little India, an Indian inspired vegan restaurant. Which I didn't know and only found out when reading their menu. But yes, as much as I love my buttered chicken, fish curry, and biryani, this is not the place to find them. 

I haven't been to any vegan restaurant before and I was surprised how good the food was. Their Naan bread is soooo good. So if you're feeling a little pretentious, visit Little India!

Netflix and Chill the Fuck Out

I know my last post was about a Netflix original series and if you read it, you know how I felt about it. That said, I will not allow my monthly subscription to go to waste. So still binge and here's what I watched so far:

  1. Sex Education Season 2 - inferior to the first season but overall good. I just have some issues about the plot but it was still a fun series to watch.
  2. Next In Fashion - finished it in one sitting. I loved it!
  3. Crash Landing On You - this is good too. But because its too unrealistic and too cliche, I stopped watching after episode 4. Still recommended though.

Image Source

Overall, I am very happy with my subscription! 

Buy from Riri's Collection

A very, very dear friend of mine started her own footwear business! Please like and share on Facebook and order too! I've seen some of the collection and its soo good! Please click the link below!

Like the page here

Lastly, I hope everyone is staying safe amidst this COVID-19 outbreak. It saddens me that a lot of people are spreading fake news about the outbreak. Some people are also using this to further their political agenda and personal agenda. I don't think this is the time to neither. My advice is to read news and updates directly from the Word Health Organization. For the love of God, stop spreading information you see on any social media site unless you can validate it on your own ( I am talking to you mom). I mean you have internet access, research!

That is all for today guys! 'til next time! Stay safe :)


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