Crazy Life, Crazy Friends

Life is good especially when you have crazy friends.

I'm really thankful that up until now,me and my high school buddies are still friends. I'm the type of person who, once I consider someone as friends, they will always remain as my friend no matter what. Friends are really a big part of my life since my family is not with me, so they are my companions through thick and thin. I value them so much that sometimes it scares me realizing that time will come that we have to part ways.

Anyway, me and my high school friends went out yesterday. It one of my friends treat, Demmie who is now based in UK ( surprisingly, she reads my blog! ). she will be leaving again tomorrow after three months of vacation. We played bowling, we ate ( a lot ) and drink. It was an awesome day from start to finish. I would't go into every bit of details but it was really fun.

I don't know where my blog is going nor the point of my entry so bear with me.

Anyway, Dems, thanks again. We will miss you a lot! See you soon!

PS. I'm gonna be making a review of some movies so watch out for that.

Have a good day everyone!


  1. Guess what. I'm about to blog about Demmie and my high school friends too! HAHA!

  2. Crazy friends makes you crazy too. ahaha