For The First Time

Slowly, I've been realizing how lucky I am with what I already have. For the first time, I've felt the joy of having your family beside you. Yes, I'm tired and my patience is already on it's limit, but you know what? I don't care. I don't care if it's tiring running around and chasing my brothers, I don't care if it's tiring trying to stop them from doing something publicly embarrassing, I don't care if it's tiring trying to get them to stay put in one place. Yes, my patience has never been this tested, but thank God I was able to hold it in for a very, very long time. I guess that's just it, if it's about your family, you wouldn't really care. If it's about your family, bother is a word you will forget. If it's about family, you become selfless.

We just got home from SM Bacoor and I'm really tired to the bones! But hell, it was one happy day. My brothers seemed happy with our little bonding at Tom's World. We did a little grocery and ate so much. It was fun, really fun. In fact, I missed two quizzes today and my prelims is next week already. I don't really care, as much as possible I want to maximize my time with Mom and my brothers. Even if it means sacrificing a little of me. Isn't that the rule of love? It's only love if your learn to sacrifice something about yourself.

I guess what they say is true, wisdom really comes with age. For now, I am slowly realizing what's more important. As of now, family is what's important. Have a good night folks! Let's all sleep with a smile!


  1. I agree of spending quality time with your family but please don't miss your quizzes :( Your studies is important :)

    "wisdom really come with age" - this is very true.

    THANKS for adding my blog in your roll, I added you back and also followed you here in GFC, I'm #13 :) See yah around!

    1. Thank you ate Balut ( I searched your blog to find your real name to address you properly but I ended up with Balut haha ) Thank you for linking my blog too! :)

      Anyway, study is really important, haha good thing my teachers gave me special quiz. It's just that I really like to spoil my brothers since it's seldom that we're together. Thanks again and Have a good day!