Why Oh! Why!?

I have got to blog this before I go to bed.

Why do they have to go? Goodness! They deserve to stay. They are better than half of those who have stayed. What's causing my outburst? 

Photo from IamJammed.com
Them! AKA JAM, a contestant from the Philippine franchise of X-Factor.

They were aspiring contestants who auditioned separately. But after the second round of eliminations, the Boot Camp, they failed to qualify for the Top 20. Still the judges, the mentors and probably everyone on the show saw the potential and the insane talent these young girls have, and decided to put them together. Hence, they were the last qualifying group who joined the Top 20. To me it was a smart decision for they are really good individually, so somehow, it left me wondering how will these 6 talented singer pull it off. It was a shock to everyone, even to their mentor Gary Valenciano when they performed at  the mentors home during the last elimination before the live show. It was a hair raising performance (mine is raising right now as I listen to their performance). If you are curious here is the video of them singing 'Seasons of Love' from the musical Rent.

See!? I mean HEAR!? Aren't they good? Even their live performance is good, even better than most of the contestants. After hearing them live, I immediately predicted that they will be go far, if not win the contest. It was a shock, to everyone watching the show for these talented ladies were in the bottom two. I was really hoping that they stay, for they still have the chance. It was time for the judges to make their call. Two judges voted for Daddies Home, and the other two voted for AKA JAM. It was a deadlock, a tie and in order to break it, the text vote will be shown to determine who will be sent home. AKA JAM ended their journey tonight. They could have gone far. They have what it takes to go far. I don't know why people didn't vote them. Words cannot express how sad I am that another talented contestant went home after Mark Mabasa.

So there, I have vented out my anger and disappointment. I just can't fathom why, WHY!?

Good Night!

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