Please Be My Ruby Sparks?

Hey guys!

Today I watched 'Ruby Sparks'. It's a movie about an author who brought her dream girl to life. He can do pretty much whatever he wants with her and she loves him.

Calvin was having hard time figuring out what to write. After all, he is already an accomplished writer and he needs his next book to be as memorable as his first. In one of his sessions with his shrink, he asked Calvin to write something, even if turns out to be bad. After then, Calvin had a dream about this beautiful redhead he met at the park. From then on, Calvin wrote about Ruby day and night.

One morning he woke up and to his surprise, Ruby is in his house. He doesn't want to believe it first, it was really funny how he tried to process it all. After he realized Ruby is true, right then and there, he fell in love.

I waited for this movie to come out in the cinema but I ended up 'buying' it online. I saw the trailer way back and I said to myself that I have to see it. Being a writer myself, I think it is every writers dream to bring life to their characters, metaphorically and literally. Imagine if that's possible, the world would be such a beautiful place. Though judging today's hot read, many Christian Grey would be walking down the street.

You should all go and see Ruby Sparks for your daily dose of romantic film. It's not the best choice for me at the moment but I enjoyed the movie nevertheless. Yes, if you would like to ask, I was thinking of my crush while watching.

That would be all for this very boring day. I just miss playing Restaurant City in Facebook. It was one of those game that I played that made me make 4 accounts just so I can trade ingredients. It was taken down, I just wish it would be back again.

Anyway, have a great day folks. The weather is much better than yesterday, but still, take care. Smile.

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