Ummm Brain, Where Are You Going? Just Stay In Britain

Good Morning Guys!

It's been raining since last night so for a more apt greeting, a wet rainy morning to all of you. I was supposed to do  video of me today and I've been recording since early this morning. I don't think I would be posting it though because I don't want my face to ruin your day. Actually, I just want to do the video because I want to  show off my British accent that I've been practicing since last year. I was just fascinated with the accent. I started eliminating my R's and after awhile I did sound like a British man, a drunk British man actually. ( At this point I am trying so hard not to mention my romantic dilemma, so if you must know, this takes a lot of self control ). But as I've said I will not be posting the video, maybe some other time.

I don't know what's with the accent that most people like it. They say it sounds sexy, mainly the reason why I wanted it. I mean I am not physically appealing so I must do all things to make myself more attractive, hence my accent. I also want to go to London in the near future and work at BBC or Saatchi's or any company that's in London. Actually, if my plan will happen, I'd be working in BBC a year after I graduate, while working I will take classes in Oxford. Preferably Speech and Advertising, but I am also interested in Writing and Film Making. Then I would do independent films and people will notice my works, I will get an Oscar nomination in the Short Film category but I will lose. Then Film outfit's will ask me to direct their films I will say no at first because I want my skills be improved before I try mainstream. I will write, direct and act my first full length film which will win 3 or 4 Oscars. Then I will be invited in Cannes, Berlin, Toronto, Sundance, Brussels and all other festivals. By this time I will be internationally recognized as a director, writer and actor,  maybe a singer too. I will receive a BAFTA, Oscar, Golden Globe, Emmy, Grammy, AMA, VMA, BRIT, Pulitzer, Noble, Tony and many other accolades. My name will be written in history books and I will die in my own private island in the Caribbean. Am I a dreamer or what? Haha I was just talking about my accent and look where it got me. That is how my mind works, so you could imagine where my mind wanders when I'm all alone in my room and not blogging, scary as hell.

Anyway, the video will be posted maybe in the coming days. The rain just got heavier. Have good day guys. Smile!

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  1. San Sebastian should srsly start having British classes. LOL