Farewell Vampires

Hi guys! Thank God it's Friday!

I was able to watch the last installment of the Twilight Saga, breaking dawn part two. Id like to be clear, I have never liked the book nor the movie. I am not a fan, nor was I caught in the vampiric hype that comes with it. I was only able to read new moon and I only saw both the last movie. Anyway, i honestly liked it. at first I was thinking it was more of X-men than vampires. Vampires likes blood, that I am very familiar with, but vampire that has a "bond" with the surroundings, vampire that produces electricity, vampire that can make you see things, vampire that produces black smoke, vampire that has a shield is too much. Its like eating a chocolate cake on chocolate plate with a chocolate fork on a chocolate table, sitting on a chocolate chair. The baby was obviously a CGI, so is the baby's face in some few scenes. it disturbed me a little bit. I did like the fight scene, how I wish it was what really happened. Lot's of flying heads and carcasses all over the place. I must say that this is probably the best of the whole series.

After all my criticism, I still liked the movie, I really did. At the end of the day, it was all about love and family, two things I am fond with. It will be wrong to compare the twilight saga to other movies like Harry POtter and LOTR for obvious reasons. Each of them had  story to tell, all of them had strengths and weaknesses, nevertheless, they all deserve to be watched and appreciated simply because they have been part of a generation.

After the movie, I wished I was with someone special. It was a perfect time to say forever together with Bella and Edward, who will obviously be together literally forever since they don't age. Honestly, I envy both of them. I mean, it's like everybody's wish to be with someone they love for the rest of their days. How I wish it was easy finding love, and how I wish it's just as easy nurturing it. I just don't see the point of having to go through a lot of things and find out at the end that you are with the wrong person, and you have to back from the start wishing to never fail again. It's tiring, it's becoming boring. Oh well, it's not the only thing that matters anyway. I guess it's true that the best things are those that you go through all levels of hell to achieve, very much like love.

That's about it guys, I hope you have enjoyed your Friday. It's weekend again, what's your plan? Have a good one folks, Smile!

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