When Boredom Strikes, None Will Be Spared

There's no denying that I maybe one of the most good looking specimen the world has ever produced. And because of my flawlessness, it's hard for women to not take notice of me. I can't blame them though, I'm in love with myself as well. My problem though, is choosing the right one for me. I have a room full of admirers and wooers but these following ladies are making it hard to decide for me.

Angelina Jolie - The MILF

Oh come on! Who doesn't know her luscious lips and he voluptuous body? I know she's currently engaged with Mr. Brad Pitt, that's why I was surprised myself when she called me out of nowhere and asked for a date! I mean, yeah she beyond humanely good looking, not to mention sexy, and I know she's been doing humanitarian works here and there but there's something about here that tells she's to wild for me. I mean that stare feels like she's undressing me already, not that I complain though.

Emma Stone - The Soul Devouring Red Head

I've heard this urban legend that red heads steal other peoples soul, apparently to keep them good looking. Seems to me that its working with Ms. Stone here. Kidding! She's not even a natural ginger, though I would prefer her to be though, she's much more sexy. We were in the same restaurant sometime ago and I was minding my own thing when she walked in to my table and asked for my number. I was astounded, but I gave her my number nevertheless, though her current boyfriends been giving me that spidey look. We've been talking ever since and she is way beyond funny. And that voice, uh! that voice.

Rihanna - Carribean Bombshell

I've read somewhere that she prefers gifted men, maybe that's why she asked me for a date last night. She must have heard the news somewhere. The reigning Queen of YouTube for the most number of views, I'm not so sure but yeah all of her videos grossed more than a billion views. I'm not sure though, I mean I'd like to be lulled to sleep and she's got the voice but it will be quite weird if she sang to me that song with Eminem. 

Emilia Clarke - My Khaleesi

For those of you who doesn't know her, she's is currently playing Daenarys Targeryen in one of my favorite series, The Gmae of Thrones. She kinda looks like Ms. Jolie. I've seen almost all of her though, so there's is nothing exciting about it. Let's just see if she got the skills to use 'em.

Hahah I'm going to hell for what I've written. Just to let everyone know, this is just pure imagination and I don't mean to be rude or what. It's just that I've been crushing on them and the frustration of it is what led me to do this. Sorry. 

Anyway, I'll be going now. My day is just boring, prolly another reason for this insane blog. Hahaha Have a nice day guys, Smile!

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