How 'bout a round of applause, A standing ovation...

There those days when you would realize something so profound, it actually takes your life in a 360 degree turn, this is not one of those days.

Hey guys! How is your week so far?

Mine is little slow, although classes already started, I don't feel the academic wind blowing in over me, at least not yet. Though, one good thing happen to me, its this one....

A round of applause please, bronze medalist in the house.

Yep, I won (placed third) a quiz bee! Am I smart or what?

It's National Book Week and our school, in celebration of it hosted the first Britannica Trivia Quiz Bee. FYI, Britannica is brand of encyclopedia famous during the 90's.  Anyway, it's kinda obsolete now a days, since you can Google every bit of information you could think of. The quiz bee was a tough one. In fact, it's so tough I was only able to answer 4 questions for the Easy round and got nothing for the Average and Difficult round. I don't feel that bad though as the winner answered 6 correctly. Anyway I am so happy winning though I was expecting a cash prize, I got books instead. I'm still thankful though.

I don't know what it is with quiz bees that I keep on joining them and modesty aside, winning them too. I guess I still have that feeling where I have to prove myself to people who belittles me, intentionally or not. I am not really known for my brains maybe that's why people never expected that I could achieve such. I feel weird though, joining quiz bees at 20, I feel  little to old for this kinds of things.

That's about it guys, I hope your week is even more eventful. Have a good day folks, Smile!

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