21 and Unemployed

Hi folks!

I've been applying here and there and receiving interview invites here and there too, but the grasshopper in me is very much persistent, and as much as I wanted to be employed I just cant muster the required muscle to do so.

Well, its not entirely because I am lazy. I have many other reasons why I find it hard to get a job.

First, I am still unsure as to what industry I should be in. I took up Mass Communications because its not focused on a specific field of work, as they say Jack of All Trades. Its now that I realized how hard it is to choose from the fields I could be in, variety is not always good I tell you. I feel like I will strive and excel in a BPO or in layman's term, a call center agent. But then again I am worried that it may not be the healthiest option for me. Although I am used to sleeping late or not sleeping at all, I want my professional life to be one where I could last long. I mean, I'm not gonna be 21 forever and I cannot do what I do now when I reach, say 30. As much as possible, I want a job where, not only I will grow professionally, but as a whole, including my precious health. I haven't been living the healthiest lifestyle that's for sure, but it doesn't mean I never want to change. Family life is starting soon and I want to be a good provider, but I cant do that if my health will fail a little too early. I also want to be in a corporate setting, or in publishing, a broadcasting network is very much ideal. You see, I have a lot to choose from granted that they are interested in hiring me. 

Second, I feel inferior. I have always believed that a school cannot define ones future or success, in fact nothing can define one's success than the person itself. No matter where you came from as, as long as you have the desire to pursue success, then you will be successful by any means. But let's face it, name and prestige play a vital role in today's employment game, in fact name and prestige play a vital role anywhere, but lets stick to employment. 

Third, I feel like I am not good enough. I think it is somehow related to the second reason (it is actually, I dissected it because this one is a little dramatic, and I only have two reasons, and two cannot reasons cannot justify what I am trying to say, furthermore, 3 is like a standard when doing a list) but this one is a little deeper than that. Whenever I see job postings where I really like the job and the company is really, really good, I would always end up asking myself if I am good enough for them. I feel like I lack something, like  still need to learn more, be more in order to have a job. I am not the smartest person alive but I do think that I am a cut above the rest, but there are times that  I doubt myself and what I can do.

Have you had this problems before when you are still looking for a job? Or are you having it now because you are fresh graduate like me? Either way, I hope we overcome this. I have a lot of things planned, but none of it s possible I can't get myself a decent job. 

Have a good day folks, smile!

P.S If you know a job vacancy where I fit in, email me, thanks!

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