I Bet Even Thor Wouldn't Like It

Today is Tuesday, and for some I reason I don't know, I went out for breakfast. I went to Jollibee thinking of ordering my favorite breakfast meal Longsilog, Pineapple Juice and a cup of coffee, but upon entering I saw their latest offering: Cheesy Bacon Mushroom Champ. Being a fan of Jolibee, I decided to try it out.

I was very excited for the burger, why not? All the good things in life are 'bunned' in to one: cheese, bacon and burger! Plus I am a huge fan of Jollibee that is why I know their latest offering will not disappoint. I ordered the CBM (its code name, I supposed) with a regular fries (trying to watch my slender figure mehehe) pineapple juice (no soft drinks for a long time now) and of course a cup of coffee. It was supposed to come with a Thor's hammer flashdrive but I will add P95, I declined since I have an Iron Man flash drive already.

The burger was still to be prepared so I sat down and munched my fries until the main dish is served. Just a few minutes, my Cheesy Bacon Mushroom Champ arrived. Without hesitation, and without manners and etiquette, I opened the box, grabbed the humongous burger and took my first bite. Aaaaand it was fine. It's not what I expected but I thought it was just my taste buds adjusting since I just woke up. So I took my second bite. Put it down again and sip my coffee.

I was disappointed. The cheese is no cheese at all, the bacon was fine, the burger patty which I so much love is somewhat tasteless. The whole burger is consumed by the cheese, that I can't even taste anything but that freaking cheese, and it wasn't the cheese I know! Heck I love cheese! But I hated the cheese that's in the burger!

It was rather expensive, and I am famished as well, so as much as I am disappointed, I finished my burger.  Maybe I expected a lot that is why I was so disappointed. Was it too cheesy? I guess, but then again for someone who loves cheese, there's no food that's too cheesy. I don't know, maybe it's just how they prepared it here on our city's branch. I should have ordered my usual.  Bummer!

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