Midnight Murders || The Black Dahlia

January 15, 1947

It was one normal morning when a woman was walking with her child along Leimert Park, when she saw something that resembles a body. Coming closer to what she thought was a thrown mannequin, turned out to be a body of woman.

The body was severely mutilated, drained of blood, cut in half. The woman's face had been slash towards her ear, giving her a creepy Glasgow smile. Multiple cuts had been found on her thighs and breast, her very flesh, brutally removed. The body has been washed and cleaned, arms positioned at a right angle, legs spread wide. 

The woman's name was Elizabeth Short, victim of the infamous Black Dahlia Murder.

The murder garnered a lot of publicity, giving the police a hard time finding out the true killer. Due to its popularity, over 50 people confessed to the murder, but none has been proven guilty. Since then, the famous murder has been the inspiration of books and movies. 

The Black Dahlia Murder is one of the most highly publicized murder in American history. Up until know, Elizabeth's murderer haven't been found.

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