He Never Stopped Believing, So Will I

I'm a huge fan of Glee

I was inspired the first time I watched the show. It seemed like I can relate to each of the characters. Since I was still studying then, I even thought of having a Glee-like contest for our school. Damn, I even remember how I got chills listening to "Don't Stop Believing". Though after Season 3, I never got to follow it again. 

I'm still a fan nevertheless. I still watched their performances via YouTube. Read episode reviews and stuff. The inner Gleek in me never left.

When the news broke out that one of its lead cast, Corey Monteith who Plays Finn Hudson died, I was shocked, I was sad. When I found out the cause of his death, it made me even sadder. It could have prevented, hell, he was around so many people and no one knew. Maybe they knew but they just didn't care. I really don't know, I don't think I am in any position to judge. The bottomline is, he died. What made it worst was he was about to get married to his Glee co-star and real/reel life girlfriend Lea Michele. I just can't imagine the grief. 

The latest episode of Glee was a tribute to Finn Hudson, and oh boy was it tear jerking or what! I was tearing up, crying even when they started singing. Especially when Rachel sang "Make You Feel My Love", it was such a heartbreaker, damn. I think its expected since he really died, not some unexpected turn of events written died, he died for real. I was just done watching all the performance, it maybe the best episode yet. To Cory, may you rest in peace. You never stopped believing, so will I. 

Ultimate tear jerker by Rachel Berry 

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