An Open Letter

I guess you know its love, when your thoughts always wander back to that person.

Yes, I miss you and I am trying my hardest not to. I think of you in every corner of this new home. I think of you in every street of this new city. I think of you in every plate of a new dish. I think of you in every person I see passing by. I see you whenever someone passes by.

Yes, I love you, and I am trying my hardest not to. But every song that will play reminds me of how I am falling for you even though we are far away. I want to stop; I've been trying to for the longest time to stop. But I can’t, I don’t know if I will honestly. But the hardest part is that I have to keep it all to myself. I can’t tell anyone. Not even you.

Every day I wake up wishing you’re fine. Hoping that somehow, something would make you remember me. Every day I wake up wishing that by what miracle, you are sleeping next to me. Every night I long for your warm hugs, every night I long for you. I’m just fighting it all back because if not, I will take the next bus to go there. I have to fight it all back because I have to think of all the people around me. I have to fight it all back because I’m scared. I have to fight it all back because I know you will not be fighting alongside of me. I have to fight it all back because no one will do it for me but me and I am tired of fighting. I want to give in, let it all take over me, but you and I both know I will end up with nothing. For your heart is with someone else. I know this, I know all of this and yet I still feel the same for you. Despite the fact that you’re not interested, that you want someone else, that am I just a friend, that we are wrong, that we will never be together, despite all this hurtful truth I still love you. And I will keep on loving you.

I hope you’re doing fine. Please be fine, because I don’t think I can take it if something bad happens to you. Don’t let your thoughts take the best of you. Don’t worry too much, and don’t take everything too seriously. You’re still young and you will be through a lot more than what you are dealing right now, I just wish I was there to help you. Don’t ever think that I don’t miss you or that I don’t think of you, because I do. I know you can’t read this but whatever happens, whatever you do, I will always be here for you. I will not judge you, I will not be mad at you, I will never do anything but love you.


  1. Oh dea!
    This is so sad :(
    I wish this is just a literary piece of talent and not a real feeling. But still i am just happy that you're back writing. God bless gene.

    1. Hi Ate Balut! Well, Apparently, this is a true feeling and I just as sad as you are. Thank you for dropping by as always! Smile!

  2. I really envy people who write this good :(