Be Ready to be Baptized

Hi folks! Notice any thing different? No? Look up... you see it now? Yes!

I finally have my own domain! Welcome to Eugenisms! As much as I love Metered Words, I opted to something more personal. I know my new blog's name sounds like I am trying to create my own religion, but its actually just my obnoxious way of calling the randomness of my thoughts. Do you like it?

So what can you expect from Eugenisms? Nothing different really. It will be the same emotional posts, disturbed observations, rants, cravings and narcissism. Its like Metered Words 2.0. 

Kidding aside though, I am really happy that I am able to purchase my own domain. I have to thank Pangalan.com for their generous offers and fast customer service. Their prices range from 500 to 2000 for a one year contract. The good thing is, as of late, they are having a big big sale and I was able to get my site for just 199 pesos. FREAKING 199 PESOS! So if ever you are interested in having your own domain and put up your won website for reasons I really don't care about, visit their site and purchase away!

So now I have my new website, I am trying to redesign everything and that is where I am having a hard time. I am techie but knowledge doesn't cover website design so I badly need help. If you can recommend someone or you yourself can do the job, just email me. 

What else? I guess that's all for now folks. I am trying my hardest to design this site myself so expect some glitches whenever you visit. 

I know I have made it clear from the start, but let me reiterate how happy I am that I now have my own domain. I am so freaking happy!

That's it for now guys. On to my next eugenistic post. Have a good day, smile!

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  1. Thanks, Gene! :) Added you too. :> Stoked to see you also purchased your domain from Pangalan :)