Top 7 Movies You Should Definitely Watch

One of my greatest joys and comforts in life is watching movies. Nothing beats a good movie, and a cup of coffee. Ever since I realized how madly in love I am with the silver screen features, it has been my pursuit then on to be able to see the best movies the world has to offer. I guess you could me call me a cinephile. 

And because I am handsome and kind, and apparently, I am trying to run a near-to-its-extinction blog. In hopes of trying to keep you guys coming, here are my list of the best movies I have seen so far. I tell you, this is not an easy thing to do since I have to limit my list to just 7 movies, to think that I have probably seen more movies than I dare count. 

There were no criteria set as I based my choices solely on personal opinion. If you are a die hard 'Proud Pinoy' you might get disappointed because no local films are present in the list. You are free to judge me, but you can always go back in time and read my blog to see how much I love the Philippine cinema. To make it easier I linked the titles to IMDB so that I could save time describing it. Without further non sense, here are my Top 7:

I swear, this movie made me not want to try drugs. It should be incorporated high school curriculum in my opinion because I don't think the words "Don't Do Drugs" will be enough to convince the youth of today, let them see how gruesome and ugly it is to be addicted to different kinds of drugs. The movie was honest and straightforward to the point that it scared the hell out of me. Just see Jared Leto's arm, and what happened with Jennifer Connelly and tell me that's not scary. 

The actors did a very good job err, acting. But all the glory and praises goes to Ellen Burstyn and her portrayal of Sara Goldfarb: a woman who was so obsessed to be on TV. Another helpful lesson we could teach our children: Television is not the answer, so are drugs. 

Just like Homeland, this movie left in perpetual state of "Ahh" and "Ohh". Directed by one of the favorites Christopher Nolan, it talks about a guy with a short term memory loss. Sorry I forgot his name, but he was played by Guy Pierce. It might be quite confusing to watch but it was all worth it. Wait, was it? 

In my pursuit of finding and watching the best movies, I stumble upon IMDB Top 250, and this movie was on top of it all so I got curious. At first I was like "Okay he went to prison for a crime he didn't commit, what is so special about it?" And I tell you, it wasn't Morgan Freeman, its not always about him.

The Breakfast Club
Okay I got curious because it was feature in Easy A and Pitch Perfect, there I said it. At first I thought it was a real club, then I asked myself "If this is about high school students who meet every breakfast, who would  want join this stupid club?" So I watched it, and oh boy! It wasn't about breakfast!

I have two words: Good Acting. In all fairness it was a good movie, but I I think the performances of all it's female characters is the central charm of this movie. Viola Davis and her Aibileen, Octavia Spencer and her Minny, Bryce Dallas Howard and her Hilly and of course, Jessica Chastain and her Celia. These women along with the others, made me cry and laugh like crazy. This movie is perfectly paired with a freshly baked Chocolate Pie.

3 Idiots
Wit. That is why I love this movie. It's witty, its fucking smart, it makes sense, three words that you can rarely use to describe today's movies. It made me cry more than Maalala Mo Kaya, it made me laugh more than watching viral funny videos. No, my opinion is not affected by the fact that my stepfather is Indian, and no, I wasn't bribed.

The Lord of the Rings
Should I explain this? Must I explain this? BEST MOVIE EVER! and I know that it's a trilogy but who cares? I love all three of them that it was hard for me to choose just one. And if I did list them separately, they would occupy the best 3 so why bother? Should I really explain why I love this?

Aand that concludes my list. It was nerve-racking really. I felt like crying because there are so many good movies that I love that I can't put here. Anyway, if you are looking for a movie to watch this coming weekend or if your are jobless like me and you have all the time, then by all means enjoy these movies.

Til next time folks, Smile!

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  1. Interesting list you got here gene! There is no specific genre unlike me who just stick with gory/thriller/suspense films. Sometimes I watch love stories (tragic ones) for some inspiration pero madalang. Thanks for adding my link in your blog! Will do the same once I edit my link list. ;)

    Pls do not stop blogging. It's fun to read it in the future, believe me. ;) Just enjoy it, discover new things and sponsors will come your way!