Amidala Cafe: Death By Diabeetus

I was a bit worried about the title I gave this post. I remember during April Fools when people started posting photos of pregnancy tests with positive results, which was meant as a joke. Then, like the millenials that we are (some of us/you), someone started sharing this post of a certain someone asking for a little sensitivity towards women who cannot conceive. Not that my blog is famous or what, but it got a bit worried that some people might ask for a little sensitivity towards people with diabetes. So I immediately went to my closet where I used to hide where I keep all the fucks I have but found nothing. Let us begin.

Forgive my editing. It says Amidala and no, its not a name from Encantadia.

I believe I've seen an article written about Amidala Cafe once. I love anything cafe-ish, at the same time, I wish I could say the same thing about anything Star Wars (I'm more of a Ringer), but I was never a fan. Nevertheless, I still wrote on my mental notebook that I must visit the place just so I can check in via Facebook and create an entire collage out of it. Kidding.

It was the same model of aircon they installed in Deathstars.
Located somewhere in Escario, Cebu, Amidala Cafe is a Star Wars themed uhmm cafe where they serve uhmm coffee confections and such. We went there after visiting Vikings, because our stomachs came with undetectable extension charm. Keeping up with the hype, they not only themed their shop with one of the most successful movie franchise ever, they also serve those out of this world coffee concoction topped with almost anything edible.

Chiyo? Sayuri? No Star Wars devout fan! That's Padme Amidala.
It was around 7 or 8 when we got there, so the chairs and tables inside were occupied. Luckily, their parking space can be converted to an emergency extension, so we took the spot. The interior could use a little creativity and organising. Yes, Star Wars toys, posters, and other memorabilia are present. But how it was presented and arranged lacked story. Not that I know anything about organising, but I do know when something is messy. I mean, have you seen my life room?

Their menyoo is usual. Aside from the their over the top drinks, nothing is really outstanding on the menyoo. I do comment them on how they named their Milkshakes and Freakshakes as you can really sense their determination in keeping up with the Kardashians their theme. We ordered Carameleia Milkshake, Force Choke Milkshake, and Mrs. Deathstar Milkshake.

Carameleia in her evening wear.
It was okay, the shakes. It wasn't as sweet as I expected. The presentation was, in a way, artistic (albeit messy). If you're into abstract art, you might be able to appreciate it. I guess there is nothing more to say about my experience. Hell, it was after the coma-inducing Vikings and The Third Party movie. As much as I want to say that it was the perfect place to end the night, it wasn't. 

Force Choke. Named after what will happen when you swallow the entire pretzel stick. Not unless...
So if you want to be in and be able to say that you have visited a Star Wars themed coffee shop then this place is for you. Even though you only saw the latest installment and you are not aware of the other 7. Charge your smartphone that you are still paying, bring your imitation power bank, and your so called friends and indulge. And yeah, may the diabeetus force be with you.

Mrs. Deathstar. Mrs. D if you're nasty.

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