OPPO F1s: Pinoy #Foodstagram

From Anthony Bourdain's 'the best pig ever' comment about our beloved lechon, to Andrew Zimmern's prediction that the Filipino Cuisine is 'the next big thing', Pinoy food is slowly getting the recognition it rightfully desserts deserves. Being an unofficial Knight of a Thousand Spoons, it is my sworn duty to make sure that my social media photos of Pinoy food gives justice to how delicious they are. As a food-loving, over-privileged, complain-a-lot-and-post-it-on-social-media millennial, I will serve as the bacon beacon and champion of all the lechons, adobos, and sinigang the world needs to hear about.

As a pure-blooded half Filipino half Filipina, Adobo is, and will always be, my favorite Pinoy dish. This quintessential dish is sometimes considered as our national dish, and its something I fully support. Adobo is versatile; its chameleon like ability to adapt and remain delicious despite of an ever changing plethora of ingredients, is the perfect metaphor for the Filipino's resilient spirit. Adobo is perfect with rice. Adobo will never leave your side. Adobo will always be there for you at your hungriest. Adobo will satisfy you (unlike your ex). Adobo is love.

My take on Adobo sa Gata
Then, there's Sinigang. I love Sinigang so much that I created my own version using another Pinoy favourite: Lechon. Sinigang is the culmination of all the good things in life. A tamarind based stew/soup, with vegetables and meat or fish, Sinigang is just as staple as Adobo in a typical Pinoy kitchen. It's the perfect partner to spend that six long months worth of rain in the country. If I'm ever to be asked to describe Sinigang in one word, I'd choose homey. Even just writing about it is enough to make me remember those afternoon lunches and family dinners I used to spend with my parents. Sinigang has that effect on you I guess. It makes you think about home.

Sinigang na Lechon.

I firmly believe that Adobo and Sinigang perfectly represents what the Filipino Cuisine is all about. That said, to really bring such creations to the world stage, we need the perfect partner. After all, #feedgoals and #foodporn is an art form that deserves the best equipment. How else can we make everyone drool with that salty and peppery Adobo? Or make them crave for that sour hearty soup courtesy of Sinignag? Enter OPPO F1s.

That 13 MP Rear Camera will give you the most vivid, and very detailed shots of your current #nom. Even if you happen to bump into a delicious dish at night where most camera phones fail, OPPO F1s is equipped with a 1/3.06-inch sensor. It maximizes light sensitivity, giving your nighttime shots more than enough detail. And to show the world that food is not the only delicious offering we have, OPPO F1s' 16 MP front camera captures the most perfect of selfies. making you more delicious than ever before. Partnered with a quad-core processor and 3 gig of RAM, OPPO F1s is the perfect partner in my pursuit of promoting the Filipino Cuisine. See more reason why you should love OPPO F1s here :)


  1. Yey for OppoF1s! Kalami sa adobo ug sinigang nimo huhu!! Perfect kaayo!

    1. F1s user ka Rea? Makadaug unta dire sa contest haha. Thank you haha